Saturday, May 5, 2012

hola mis amigas y mis amigos

bueno, y los todos!! yia yia yia yia yia.........

Full moon in Scorpio anyone?
(physically closer to Earth)
Feeling like you are the only one who came through this week with your ass still intact?
Feeling that, you have the patience you have so craved to deal better with anyone any any little thing?

Scorpio vibes are about doing what you want and being happy about it.
Scorpio energies are all about delegating your time so that you can have Your time..
Now all you have to do, is get out there and do something you like which also is good for you and doesn't hurt you or others.
Remember the Law of The Universe is all about action and reaction to action..( that whole thing with Einstein:))
That is The Law Of Attraction in other words!
I get it, I get it.If you are unhappy, write down things you love and that make you happy can't possibly walk around in misery all day..there is always something good! Always!

My best things this week:

Cutting Cheese,
Serving Cheese
Eating Cheese
talking with my boy
talking with my dad
talking with my mum
my feet
my burn scars
my grapevines( the sweet little darlings)

Thank You
have a glorious day

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