Saturday, May 26, 2012

La Ve De La Rose Flower Essences

There is this one place  around here where you can buy amazing things and that is Zerbo's!
 If you live anywhere near Southern Michigan and you happen to be in West Livonia, check out  Zerbo's, bring money.
The other day I found this little treasure there. A book called
La Vie De La Rose Flower Essences by Natalia M Schotte Ph.D
30 essences are highlighted in her guide and the are super powerful.

I bought my first essence on the spot "perfected manifestation"
I picked up the pamphlet as well.
This essence which by the way, Lilly Of The Valley, supports you in translating your ideas into higher portals of reality.
Helps you intend better if you will..

right thought right action right result~

Well I went back yesterday for sulfur salt and ran in to an old friend there..

"Hi, Bess, honey, how are are you?"
( notice her eyes is swollen and that she was in allot of pain)
I am like, "Bess, you have inflammation, what is up?"
"You know, I had cancer there.."
"what is that  your right eye?"  I closed my  eyes  and then I got real close and touched her left  shoulder and said,
 " Bess honey, maybe you should get out of what your are doing now and away from it, maybe it is shutting down your creativity or you refuse to see something true about someone you love?"
"I can't, I must have all this money in order to retire, but tell me more."
So she follows me to the essences at Zerbo's and I immediately pick up Generosity Essence ( Rose, 'Angel Face')
My whole inside began to quiver and at once I was questioning my motives deep inside and how I was still afraid sometimes. I am generous even though I give enough, this essence isn't for me, thought to myself and then I dared to see it all. Even some of my selfishness!
Live for others and others will live for you, right?
Anyhow I rattled off some stuff about how Capricorn handles being generous and how Capricorn expects that from you in return and she's like, "How do you know I am Capricorn?"
I began reading to her about generosity from the booklet and she gets really miffed.
"I forgive! This is bullshit"
"yea, but listen what it says' "transforming perceptions that hold you back from receiving.."
I was still holding the vial. By now I was ready to throw up and I said, " These are super powerful, Bess!
Just hold it a second"
So she grabs the vial and her eyes open up and she's almost sick too. "whoa ~"
"See? I told you, these are amazing essences right!!?"
"hey, I wonder what you are channeling with that eye business?"
"I don't know, let me see that book of yours."

I bought Angel Wings: The Prayer Solution, magnolia tree 'lennei"
This essence helps you do the right thing in every difficult situation.
And with all the heartache, angst, drama, glory we create for ourselves, why wouldn't we want a little help?

I love you
Thank you
Please forgive me

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