Sunday, May 27, 2012

Libra avoiding the worst things till last

Of course we are talking about Paypal shipping labels and becoming an american citizen.
Fine, I'll study for the American test, but I would rather make things and dig in the garden than grieve over pieces of paper. ( been here 44 years  now! :))

That is why I will drive to the post office and do my shipping face to face..well this year I graduated to the little self serve computer at the post center.
Did you know Paypal can make your postage label right there on your computer?
Yea, well, don't get too excited, it works half the time. the rest of the time it comes back saying I should come back later.
What, I have time to sit on my ass all day waiting and re waiting?
So that is why I put off learning what is up with this application in Paypal.
Fine I will noodle around and try to figure out this boringly mundane life thing...

As far as the american test goes, I'll learn of things that I have no interest in and be glad about it. They call themselves very dignified names like Senator and Councilman and Mr President...and then they support Monsanto because there aren't enough councilmen to disagree with them..
Louise hay says you should love the place where you live and think highly of your leader. I love Michigan, I loved Kentucky, I loved Tilaran and Montezuma (Costa Rica) and Bellville!
Hey man, Barack never did anything wrong as far as I can see..he may even be doing his very best. he doesn't bother me at all.
Question, why does a leader have to publicly admit his stance on certain subjects like "gay marriage"?
I mean since when are they responsible for who you have sex with or marry? That doesn't sound like freedom to me.
Do you actually think all that drivel is worthy? These are the same people who believe that Jesus physically rose to heaven. His body having disappeared somehow..really? No it didn't.

God does not care who you kiss and where, I might boldly add my friends, otherwise he would have saved many from other sort of suffering through what they call "sin" and what some more knowing teachers call "karma"
whatever you do comes back to you
every thought

I love my life
I love my family
I love my home
I love this country
and its convenience
I can get anything I want
thank you
have a wonderful day!

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