Monday, March 13, 2017

full moon gladness mixed with tears

It is cold and icy and yesterday, a lady was so mean to me it gave me anxiety and i was like, "wtf?' to myself all day. It hurt me to the core. I do not know why I am so sensitive like this! She was one of a thousand people I see weekly, no faced almost. She was a blond I remember that.
I am so dumb and also I took a brilliant day for granted, on automatic I suppose. and in less that a minute..some shit went down!
"do you have pink salt?'
Me, "oh yes we have Himalayan and Redmond pink from out west"
"NO, not that Himalayan, the pickling salt!"
"oh, sodium nitrate, no that is poison I said automatically,

" she got mad, it was a split second of crazy intense mad too..
"I did not come here to argue!!"
"I am sorry", I whispered and walked away, "oh shit storm!"
five minutes later....
She found it necessary to come between my three customers who were waiting to speak with me, she found it then a real big deal that she yell at me in the whole place about how rude I was and I should have only said "we don 't have it" not any extra info..

rawerrr and lol...

I did not know what do so I said "I am sorry and walked away, figuring, she would let it be or not..then I would have to call the is never good..and she did leave! I got all shook up! One tear came out of my eye!

I am not rude, grow up and I will say something is dangerous when it is. It is dangerous and she may always get these kind of responses because well, she is behind the times, mad that she does not want to change, and perhaps she has had to deal with such reactions on a daily basis and is always in an "argument" with someone at any time. I can see her point. I can.

um, if you don't want to argue, go to google, go to amazon go to a deli that makes cured meat..and order your powder..jeez!


I was the one who was open to a response because it was the numbers..and the right time before our encounter. I found it odd that level of control and retreat i had to endure and not fight her right there..I can't..that is why I am a zen warrior and I do not have to kill her..unless she comes at me with force then I would taker her down as I learned for years to do and speak a whisper in her ear and tell her that I expect more from a lady. and sodium nitrate is poison..are you kidding me right now?

I came home and made soup and took a hot shower with the old whore. I forget sometimes how she covers you in luxurious soothing patchouli vetiver goodness and hidden deep inside are the strengths we have to pull daily, the control, the weird interactions and reaction we give. to each other.
Not everyone is your friend, very few in fact..think about what is important..:):me:) and you(:


  1. So sad you had confrontation from idiots 😓

  2. I often use your soaps for comfort as well ❤ She sure could use some of your soaps😊

    1. Poor thing! I should have given her a cookie.