Sunday, March 5, 2017

thoughts about things and stuff on a wintry day in march cold and sunny

Cold and sunny and birthing something new as
the excitement tickles as you brew and coo, fanning your best thoughts.

As you think about what people say and what people do to each other and see their hurt and how they meet their challenges daily. It is mind boggling to me how complicated we can make our lives. It is our adrenals that keep us on our toes and take us to irreparable places. It is our mindfulness that keeps us in control to be able to handle the things. It is what it is good for. Our mind that knows what is best, we can be trained by our inner mind! Ha!

I feel strong
and really grateful

I am mostly content as a person. Not really. Not every minute.

I got really mad this week because one of my boys took a le cruset and did a stir fry in it and well, it is still soaking as I daily rub it with salt to get it to go clean..I say things..

"hey, I leave my pristine kitchen and you guys leave twenty cups on the counter and now you are making potatoes with out cleaning up first and also using an improper  pan to make them??"
"Like WTF!!"

"You never taught us"

Well, there is a dirty excuse I tell ya!

"hey mom, you want to hear a guitar riff I made up?"


Life is like this, and we are always reviewing our behaviors..we are, shouldn't we?

" Cooking is art and we need to all cook more. Clean up, you can't leave you plates all over the place, what am I running here, some frat house!?"

I would rather cook alone I  think then teach, and some us are like that. I think it is time I became more direct about kitchen rules..

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