Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Happy Spring my goddesses and gods

Everything is slowly waking up for real now and it is like when you push snooze and sleep so deeply for another 30 minutes and then you realize, "yup, morning!"
My last dream was me baking loaves of bread in a big wood fired oven and having to burn them because of zombies..ha ha ha
I know what it represents and it drives me crazy why my mind is making things up that make no sense and yet..
It is all about letting go and getting rid of the people who drain you.
They want to drain you because that is all they know how to do. It takes skill too so you have to never relax and never be lax because they creep in and try to get in to your brain..
they feel it takes away from the pain of knowing what they are and what their innuendos mean.
 It happens and we all don't even notice. Our own innuendos fly around like invisible notions..they are real and have matter and travel without us noticing..
I digress...again:)
 Now, sing!!
"Know your own innuendos and arrange them in good order so that you are not an angry cunt all day..
good to know.."

I have a shit ton of great seeds this year and I am going to plant each and every one of them and it is gonna be so fun..and so beautiful!

Oils..yes..I have some nice oils right now and the products reflect that.Seems like March is quiet always and even is cool, because germination does not just happen in dirt. my brain is sizzling  with more ideas and even extreme notions..always.

 Burning my bread loaves in my dream. It was an act of protection for my family in some way. I had a long steel staff which I buried all the loaves in the fire to make more heat and coal and then at the same time I was giving orders as to the next thing to do. My hair was long as if in a past life.
I want the oven man! I fucking want it! I want a nice one and not some ugly thing..bricks and style and pizza..what?
Even soap makers eat!
spicy veg

savarin with ginger and blood orange

delicious vetiver soap

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