Saturday, March 25, 2017

oh thank goodness

I started messing with the new blogger themes and got all messed up.
I couldn't even go to my own menu and then I had to go be off so I left it. That garish orange, yuk!
I made it a plain background again  that I can read so it is going to stay this way for a while unless I let that Iranian Greek guy who wants  to come here and fix things more classy for us. He thinks I am smart enough to hang out..
Well his hair is a little too combed for me isn't it!! and
I hate cologne on a man, on most men.. I want a man to smell like me because
lol Maybe I am already feeling vibes like he will fix my computer needs and then be like all I like you so..maybe I am too defensive about who I share my sacred gardens with..yea?
Everyone has an opinion about where I should take this business.
I do not know myself.
I actually meet many local gals who have brought their soap in whole foods and really admire their products and success and one or two times I will  share about how I make soap and it is more I would say, high caliber..she was so nice with her really discerning eyes..Taurus..they are super smart.
"how do you do it so perfect and exact every time?", I asked her one day a long time later.
"well, I don't waste money one extreme oils and expensive blends for one ting!"
Ouch! I got poked! ha ha I smiled.:) "silly duck!" I said to myself!
She is has to make a recipe and do it the same way every time to have a product one can make 200 bars of..every time every day..
The fat ratio is one thing I stick to..the essential oils, no, Boring right? I am a soap chef! My ideas flow like the special and exquisite delights you will feel when you unwrap a new bar of deliciousness.
I have made 200 bars of soap a day in a past life..yes I have. Even then, I had the menu and then my deviations in to skin care gave me a respite. remember fire soap? mm
My brain can't do that. I am so sorry, but I do not think by myself, I can muster up 200 bars a day and unless it  explodes so much on line through some medium which totally comes as a surprise..well, maybe, I would include one or two of my boys. Things would change for sure.
Things will only go in the direction I intend them and work for.

It is not a bad thing to make a basic line for every one.
I feel our (our) products are not for everyone.

 As the earth is right now spinning around the sun, the sun is also spinning hard and spinning around this giant magnetic disk of stuff and things and other stars and other rock planets with creatures..which we re all passing places we are not even remotely aware of.
This to me is the possibilities of everything being available. Focus and understanding..yea..

in that whole scheme it does not matter our opinions, or our successes..because at any given moment it can all be over and has been over and over many many times. Mostly though and right now it is not over. Our star is just fine. Humans will always flock to each other, and I invite the mind of a woman, the mind of a man who breeds love, kindness, learning, teaching and all that stuff that actually makes us special in our own vast yet light sphere of eternal being.

I am reading Siddhartha..I have many thoughts...


 Soap Menu for the week,

Blood Orange Clove Soap

Gritty City with clay and raspberry seeds
red mandarin oil

 Lavender with aztec clay and seaweed grit

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