Saturday, March 11, 2017

here I am

How do you do..

We have cocoa butter at the store now. people will eat that. How crazy! At least it is organic.
I just want to rub it on my body. Black seed oil any one?
I hear it cures cancer.
yea right, just like angels hover over you and call  you Eddy!
ha :)
Yes, take it if you want but knowing me, I would rather put it on my skin. I did go through a love affair with black seed oil a little while ago. I put it in a charcoal based cleanser with rose and myrrh.
Mirror of Isis Cleanser and then the name isis became famous for other reasons I would rather not be acquainted with.
Black seed oil was in one of my health aging serums in the beginning. I loved it and then it turned heavy like sediment, like pumpkin seed oil or tamanu..I mean not on the face. I used it up and have not regretted doing that. A face serum should be light and enter the skin and feel happy and soothing. One should not cringe at a strong odor of omegas in the nut seeds. Black Seed Oil..
I mean, is stinky and well, I have learned that too much money spent on the fray can lead to money wasted.
It is all about the money in everything isn't it?
Just to make a serum is expensive once you get the oils together.

I am kind of excited about prickly pear seed oil.
I bought a little bit from eden and it is lovely.
I will buy more of that one.

I mixed

10 mls prickly pear
1 ounce organic jojoba
1 ounce organic argan oil
1 ounce marula
1 ounce rose hip seed oil ( you can use less as some of them have a strong odor. I use Trilogy from New Zealand)
add essential oils
I like sandalwood at the moment with vetiver so you know..:)


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