Friday, March 17, 2017

The Mars The Movements

I hope we can all be over all of our shake ups the last six months. I realized I am emotional and irrational at times yet I do notice when things are crazy and what I have to do as to what I want to do.

What I want is a ten to four..or six..we will see. the building I have been passing since Costa Rica ten years ago is now for sale..
I mean what  am I thinking?
So what if I think about what should happen and what steps need taken to reach my desired conclusions and of course things don't always go the way you planned. They won't so get that clear right there.
I am right now working for a corporation that is quickly building itself up to be a bigger corporation and man, I am tired.
How many more years I will pound that pavement, I do not know, but I just again, bought shoes that I will wear out in 4 to 6 months.
We do on average six to ten miles a day where I yea, I cry when some jerk of a woman is a cruel dick to me..I am a nerd and put art in to my hands to serve you and you are mad..
It is so funny really. :)
Moving on then...:) I have been hurt before by people that said they love me..rawerrr:) who are these clowns?

I have in my painful crying and longing for oils made some very delicious soap nuggets. I am using a new technique in  some bars that will reflect this. The rose cardamom soap is one..Vetiver is an other one. they turned out good. really good.
rose cardamom soap

To me, soap is art. It is the fat of the land and the fat I love to use to make everyone happy.
Organic coconut is oil wonderful and sustainable. What else is there to say except let us make a cake. Yes, let us make a cake and then eat some while we wait for our soap to cure.

What a wonderful beginning for our new phase of life. It is a beginning of sorts. I think one way to deal with this is of course of course try to do your best and as always say you are sorry for making dumb mistakes. Walk away from a fight..I know I talk big, but I never want to strike someone..honestly.
We must remain gracious and some loose their cool and freak out over the boss of the day..he is just a boss who at the end of the day probably has digestive issues..ha hahaaa most people do and  then they come to me and cry and want to talk about eating essential oils and then they freak out and call corporate and tell them oh, "they" told me to eat this lemon oil and you are not supposed to eat it. I want the one you can goes on like this all day. It becomes pedestrian and sort of insidious too. The companies do it and people buy it up like ants drawn to the house with them most crumbs, which is mine.
"yes, let me go  get that special lemon oil that says you can eat it so now you can eat this special lemon oil, because it is food based from special lemon trees"
Thanks fucking Young Living!
One lady from  another brand came in one time stenching like cigarettes and talking about the healing effects of their edible oils, food grade and organic and 90 dollars for 15 mls of frankincense.
"stenching of gross tobacco and now you are like telling what is good for me?" I thought!
I snapped at her and said that it is ridiculous and dangerous to speak that way about oils. They are not a commodity (think again). I felt like they were trying to take one of my children to undress and send them to be strippers in the dirtiest crack house. Like casting pearls to swine and like putting down a red velvet pillow in the mud where everyone tramples.
that was years ago now.
I have relaxed about eating oils a bit. I will use a drop lemon in my sugar syrup. I always have. I never one time schemed to sell edible oils. One drop boiled out. Not ten drops in lemonade every day! I mean seriously. Then again, out of every 100 people maybe one will actually love the oils and take good care of them. It would be nice.
People are extreme. They love to copy. Which is why I am re learning my skill right now. Which is why I will count each step. I will copy from  masters and I will  to be better organised and weigh and measure more thoroughly and I will have become more focused than ever before.

I will

You will

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