Tuesday, March 7, 2017

I have been busy and..haven't had much to say except that I hope everything is going your way

I am busy these days too. It seems like spring break can't comes fast enough..and then what, it'll come, it'll go and every moment doesn't count as much as you want it to.
I wish I could just spew thing to keep you entertained so you can always think I'm special. I am not special..just a nerd a tired nerd..ha haha

I took the whole day off yesterday not because I wanted to. I had to. Working retail kicks my but. Sundays can be a killer with many people in my face :) all day.
I am gracious. I walked a shit ton and I basically tried to get up and move but instead slept all day. All day..I ate and slept. I ate a cake I made the day before and threw it out because no, it sucked..
I am learning proper home baking. Next will be puff pastry. I have never done correctly and it must happen.
Even when I sleep all day, I cook. Nerd.

This week I begin a new schedule and so shipping days may change..I do not think so.

Have a wonderful day, I am off to count things and be happy as a woman, mother, soap maker bitch.. oh, I love you!

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