Monday, July 3, 2017

It is real as can be and hot and things are summery

I have made a beautiful soap with manuka honey  and extra virgin  avocado oil. It is honey, sunshine and regal poses by the flowers!

I have also created a few  scrubs for the face that you might love with manuka honey and white kaolin clay with a little grit from coconut flour, organic of course.

Scrubber number one, here manuka honey, kaolin, argan, marula and oops :) palo santo and much myrrh in a cleansing base of extra virgin, small farm olive oil with a little sediment.
Southwest Spirit Of The Pheonix..

Scrubber two will have manuka, extra virgin olive oil, kaolin, coconut powder and essential oils of petitgrain and bergamot witch will come with a vial of argan marula oil..nice one! 
Wild Tropical Minx

Scrubber Three...num num num
vetiver, frankincense, geranium rose with a drop lavender one drop:) num num num
She Wolf
this comes with a vial of perfume oil made of the same rich and so nice!

let us attend my friends 
to all the is rich and helps us bend
to our own will of fortune and wealth
born in our own mind's eye
our hearts mind
let us attend to nurturing our selves  
become what we already want what we already have
what we already strive for and as always
touch everything with love and creative fervently rich forces

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