Tuesday, February 28, 2017

lana del rey witches and casting spells

 I mean really!
Once you start hexing you put yourself in the wicked witch category and we are not wicked.
We who have been
put aside
cast away
tortured for sex
and for what?
Looking at other more practical and healing ways to fix things, make them better make them habitable..beautiful, creative, hard working.
Now we are hexing? For politics?

I know it is hard to understand but  had we witches, had we metaphysical powers, wouldn't  we  have chosen not being killed horribly in this meat suit?
Had we those kind of powers?

Instead we have snuck around and still made things happen..like medicines which to this day are all earth harvested and then refined and then loaded with what ever chemical Men  had in mind. But we stay together, we want healing and meaning to our good lives. We brought our children up safely until they themselves go out and produce for themselves, sometimes our sons were soft and sweet until they grew up and went away to kill for the king and we stayed home and cried as if the world was torn apart. Or like when we found out the the whole virgin thing  is preposterous and gently prodded and poked to say that is is silly.  I wish we did that  right from the beginning! I wish we secretly told our daughters and sons, that was a lie, right from the start I wish we did.  Moses wrote after he died because the language structures we not that ancient as to hear God tallking.. but I  digress..he said "thou shall not suffer a witch to live"
It is is the very first thing that guy wrote who ever he was.. One of his wives surely had had  to cure some cough or something for the kids and what, You are going to kill her because she is worshiping another god..like the one that rules over clovers or frankincense??
Sneaking around in forests like they show in the paintings of naked women reveling..like it is the worst evil thing to some men and even women to this day!
I mean people are getting their heads cut off and you are worried that women are worshiping satan (your demi god) or fairies or any other thing than that killing angry god you are so afraid of would hate? It is silly and childish, really.

Now we have hexing!

Your power (power) is only for you..if you use it to hurt it takes away
if you use it for good it it can span to father away with golden and radiant vibes
if you use it for protection..good luck
You are only as protected as the amount of money you have right now and how safe you are from jackals..and vagabonds..how far away and self sustained you are from the city.
Even in the most remote places you will need rice and wheat..something to make your belly happy.
If you really want to help, go and read other books be free from old world restraints and tell your children to be strong and smart and sometimes to stay quiet, stealthy and looking at the future self.

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