Wednesday, July 19, 2017

ya'll we have one month until the solar eclipse on august 21st..okay let us attend

Virgo New Moon
Sun In Virgo

Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius.

oh boy..

Well really, it is good in any event. Whatever you have achieved until now, it what it is.
here is what you do not do.
Stay mad.
Blame others.
Become an ass..

Here is what you do do. Work, decipher and make up your own mind on what is best for your situation and that sometimes means walking away and not  carrying some one's shit. enough guilt and shame too. More work, more doing.

Virgo is about change and becoming useful. Not using people..using your abilities to nurture. It can go both ways with the Virgo notions. I have seen Virgo men do nothing for years. How they can hibernate that long is beyond me. Virgo is the hermit. This can be the wise sage who knows nature and lives as one with nature or it can be a dirty old man in a cave peeing in the corner..yup. (sorry, my village mind never stops)

That said, I am not predicting the future. I can only simply allow my brain to look at patterns when these aspects happen.
Saturn retrograde is one thing and it has to do with higher learning, higher ideas means less violence unless of course you are all wrapped up on that religion which is ridiculous and does nothing good to help humanity.

I feel like enough will be enough one day because as our children have learned more about our universe than we ever could have and they are learning at a faster rate than we ever have..this means higher beings less concerned about sin and more concerned about, fed and healthy..

Do do on the Solar eclipse..
be grateful
be happy
be clean
be cleaner
wash your face
make some good bread
make a dish to feed your kin
expect all the good
say thank you
I love you
I am so sorry..
say it three time a day until then

Have a really good day!

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