Wednesday, July 26, 2017

I wish I were a soapy kafka but all I am is a soap foam bitch

He wrote a letter to his dad and it was like if you only knew what I went through whilst you were being a dick my whole life..ha ha ha
Ever read Kafka?

I am still on Laurie Garret's "Coming Plague"..oh my though and what an excellently written book on all sorts of modern bugs and bacteria..I am on Lassa fever..
The worst thing about lassa  if you go to the local hospital. 90% death rate and much lower if your don't go.
You see, until a few years ago the hospitals were really sister run missions and they re used the needles without sterilization. You know because god will protect from deadly microbes..not!
Finally and even during Ebola they did not sterilize.  300 a day injecting each person who came for anything. And then they came from Lassa fever and boy boy oh boy..they came with or two and then 50, more 200, 300, re-using the needles..
"sisters sisters sisters!"

As far as me  being a bitch, yea, kind of.
Libras. We do not mince words we mince garlic to perfection, we step up when needed and we do a good job, we are always working and until we are not, then we rest and think and learn and ponder. and if we ponder on you and I   and how we touched our lives, both, our space in time and our pages in our heart's mind, then you know us.
We do strive for balance and making up our mind  may be hard for which oil to use but not really.
There is where we can  allow some of the wretched pain and agony of my humanity transform in to some thing that touches one's soul as they allow themselves to anoint, nurish and soothe each cell of their skin as they cleanse with warm welcoming water....mmmmmm where by I get to bask in  some vibes..what can I say, but, "I love my life!" I love everything and the flowers and what they do and how they speak though each washing,

soap bitch 17

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