Saturday, July 15, 2017

parenting and other July ideas

There are sales at my shop you should take a look at and there are more ideas lurking for future facials.
Facials are trending for us  because guess what?
You can have all the great perfumes and body creams which I love and then you still need to wash your face and make it perfect and soft.

I got a little extra money and I spent it all on (not all) oils. I bought a whole ounce of white rose absolute. It is going to be good, so good. I know because I have high intuition and I have loved every rose oil ever that I have ever tried and used like ... a whore!
I am very happy!

"this is what I wanted, a white clay that does not have any color, I love it!"
a quote from a mask lover I know.

 (her name will be announced when the oil gets here)

It is simple.. you can make your own two parts clay to one part each ground coconut and ground garbanzo. mix well,  set aside. in small bowl add one tablespoon mask mix and a little olive oil..olive oil only for face washing.
Next mix till creamy adding slowly more olive oil if needed and then add manuka honey and your oils lavender is nice for sure but then you know..white rose absolute!
I am adding rose. Just rose and one drop or ten ..we have an ounce.

I know what you might be thinking about the absolute on your face. one drop baby and it will really disperse the clay nicely and hold the scent together.
As for myself, I like rose and I want it on me and not like a little bit.

This blend should come with a bath oil accompaniment and of course a little nugget of soap. Something that will be dense and horny..oops, I meant a  little thorny. :)
Rose is about love and open heart.
Rose is about tenderness and beauty beyond the heart, it the the penetration of the soul and the sting that goes with that feeling how short lived it may be unless you are like me and drag it along for years and years because they taught you that to do otherwise is evil. You can only be free knowing that it is not. Pull your thorns out right now or they will fester and infect.
I say tenderness because rose needs more care that most plants in your flower beds. The wild ones are great but they can get overrun by weeds and morning glories with their gorgeous flowers can choke and kill many a rose.
Same with people I recon!
Think about the fleeting romances we may encounter that turn out to choke us. This is why roses need tending in gardens. That is why mindfulness is where it's at.

Did I say break ups and fighting from Saturn retrograde? Calm down and chant or sing what ever you like..
Om gum ganapataye
( I sang it to my tomatoes while I watered, they love chants.

It is for breaking obstacles to our growth and that means some things cannot be mended. Break away from your boundaries and become something and not some fuk laying around all day because you are depressed and want to die. Fuk off die if you want to but don't lie around. Who do you think you are Caligula? We all have things to do and you get to lie around being sad and mean because you feel really bad? It happens right? I know it does!
ha ha ha
Not very nice of me to talk about depression..

Look here anastasia
every day I visit and tend and chant here. it is my best thing this summer..summer of love 2017

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