Saturday, July 8, 2017

the human spirit and my view of its potential

Yesterday great things happened. I got to learn my job better because i like money and then I had lessons time with viruses. I had actually read this book twice in costa rica and now I am listening to it. It is a documentary on how some viruses just crop up and what they do so quickly.
As soon as the creature attaches itself to your blood, it is basically over unless you live and then with severe problems.
Any how, if you say that these viruses were made to kill a population of gay people you are wrong friend. Seriously, "they" who ever they are, would not risk their lives and many who had to died because no one had seen this type of organism..such as Ebola or Lassa..there are more..
Malaria is not completely abolished nor is yellow fever and its cousin dengue fever..
I had dengue in the jungle it sucked so bad! It is like your eyes  become so heavy, you feel every nerve in your brain. You sleep you take meds.
By the way it has not been that long since we they discovered how viruses actually work. Science is real and so exciting.

I was thinking though about the human spirit wasn't I?
Well what strikes me most is when they find out one or three of their own start dying, usually  missionaries in a remote village of Africa somewhere, the people they send to study what happened. The really brave ones go there and wrap themselves up and study these killing creatures that are alive and not alive until they are in you. Many died when exposed like those scientists  that did not even wear gloves  when they just got the samples..sheesh!
I myself, do not think there is a dr evil somewhere planting killing creatures in remote caves no has has been in to for maybe thousands of years or more. I mean besides monkeys.

I love learning details about things..and so I observe the human spirit.

Earth herself is so amazing and alien, I wonder why we make up stories?
It is because our human spirit wants to be on top and to be cherished and loved and not dead. Not dead by an alligator at the river and not dead by dangerous means. dangerous men, I mean. dangerous men who shake hands and secretly plot for us to keep what we already have.
Men who rob and cut us and men who yell and pound their fists when they  know they are wrong because they just do not want to say, "I am so sorry."

Let us please focus and come back to what our potential is as women and mothers and lovers even.
Mother wife loving whore bitch dick suker jucy warm smelly of vetiver, spices and amber and all dick sucking should be..
Woman who nutures and grooms her ape and woman who cherishes her daughters and allows her sons a good bye..
"go, be a good man" she may say and not "get the  fuk out of my bathroom you fuk!"
No, she will and might never say that.


Best quote of all time so far...this was regarding a photo of my grandson I had shared on the face book..
Send him to me so that I can see him better. Then bite him and put him up on my shelf 
Bella Neahr Ayers 

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