Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Recipe Notes Lavender Tonka Fougere

I am so excited to offer a fougere' soap each time I make it.
Fougere is a blend of lavender, clary sage, patchouli, oak moss
I know right!
Just those four are perfect but one can really go far with forest fern blends and we should go further anyhow..

here are my players..

Organic lavender oil, Bulgaria and wild French
Super fine aged patchouli oil
oak moss
tonka butter
balsam fir ( just a touch)
clary sage
I will add kaolin to smooth out the texture of the soap bar so that each time you use it, it will be a pleasure!

It will be ready one month before the eclipse..
we are intending
health to all
wealth abundant
clean life
happy home

 Other ideas flourishing in my mind,
Cucumber Lime Soap
Ground cucumber seeds
organic lime oil

Fresh clean scrubby, astringent, refreshing..

Goodness follows me
Wealth adorns me
feeds me
keeps me safe
kindness and peaceful nature is easy for me
I am a friend to all

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