Monday, July 10, 2017

Summer Of Love 2017 Mid July Specials

It sure seems lovey so far. I like flowers and comfortable weather. It is hot though and has changed a bit  seemingly drastically this year. I feel it is hotter on my skin and can only take an hour in the garden mid hot hot and I have to go  and do because the cucumbers and squashes and can die just on one afternoon from that hot sun and dry soil. It dries the soil see?
Love garden ..I do post photos Instagram..I love Instagram!
eleneetha aromatics

Yesterday I made some summer of love she wolf with all the wolf madam's gorgeousness notes..

There is kaolin clay, garbanzo flour, manuka honey, coconut flour, all organic right>>then there is 365 extra virgin olive oil..great deal food grade and delicious in a salad..I usually use the oil we are eating at the time so we are sure I am serious about olive oil. I put frankincense, I put loads of dark thick vetiver oil and green as can be and  geranium rose oil and a few drops lavender and course, patchouli.
I feel like the density of the bar if not at times ugly as sin ..sin..we are not born of sin, some dude said that and it stuck because people did not wash themselves after sex or any other hand tricks they had..sin...? Take a bath ass!

With Saturn retrograde you might feel like you still need to work on something. Maybe your life is going nowhere. Go somewhere then but believe you me, everything you need, you already have. You already have me and good soap. What else do you want?
(personally I am obsessed with she sheds.."she shed")


Saturn Retrograde
There are many break ups and people leaving us. It is good to grow and it hurts us. Be very careful of your words and how you treat your loved ones..some might say enough is enough. I prefer way less drama now than I did ten years ago or twenty if I am honest.
I have been through and met many people and when a man says you are crazy and need meds after being caught cheating yet again..and you are crazy? No my are normal. Of course it is not right   to be a cheating abuser and most of us get that more than a lover who cares about what is right..then again, you start talking ortho dox and things get too rigid..and people do and believe what they want.

I just want more dirt for tomatoes and more sandalwood for bath oil and more myrrh for London and palo santo for Alex..yea..sigh and I am sorry your lover did not turn  out the way you wanted.
Focus on what is next. Touch everything and don't be cloudy.
Think about how you can do anything but don't think too long so that you are not doing anything but passing time. Time ticks.

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