Saturday, October 15, 2011

Good Morning Saturday

Going to work after two days off and getting in to that mode.
You know, organizing your thoughts to "how can I exceed your expectations today?"
I have even answered the phone like that twice or thrice actually. (I was in a having fun mode) and yes it was somewhat fake. What do you want from me? I am a Libran!
Anyhow, even though it is fake, it creates a platform where my customer is not only, like, "oh.. well... I want....
I want a pill that will free me from another pill which the doctor gave that makes me so unhappy and depressed that I can't go on.
Or my ocd son, daughter, friend needs something for her eyes, her kidney, his prostrate. Thanks Dr Oz..but why oh why would you ever tell people to take white bean extract or raspberry ketones? Why? :)
It is a long super long list of desires that I would try to satisfy.

I will think, I will reason and I will offer flower essences where there is an opening.
Yesterday I purchased pretty face, larkspur essences and a wild rose from a small company called LFE or Living Flower Essences..omg man!
I can feel the energy upon opening and then two drops in my mouth and I could taste the rose..wild rose that is..The will to live and Joy in life..Do you see how rich I am right now?
Larkspure or delphinium nuttallianum for joyful service and, to me it is beautiful.

Buying shea butter today for my new idea of frothing shea butter with raw organic cacao butter for my Body Frothers..maybe they will be good, maybe they won't.nahhh..

what if they are awesome??
Thank you have a good day and I am 15 days without facebook and feeling really good..

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