Sunday, October 9, 2011

Get back to where you once belonged

Isn't odd how we always go back to where we once had to work something out and review and do it over again, hopefully better than the last time? With me it is always organization.
You can not go wrong if you harness your best intentions and give them a good HA! And then just go with it.
It means embrace what you are doing right now and love it and do the best that you can to make it amazing.
Don't like what you are doing? Do it better and see how it changes.
I tried this recently and I must say, even though I still don't care for some of the tasks, they come out completely grand in the end.
I swear, mostly it is my insecurities (and ego) holding back form happiness more than any other thing.

Good thing there is soap!

This week I made a cedarwood soap with vetiver.
I used my best vetiver from Sunrose Aromatics and my best organic Atlas cedawood along with my beloved Virgina cedawood oil.
It is a delicious woodsy soap bar and perfect for clearing the old and making a path to elegantly placed success.
Cedarwood is ruled by Jupiter and as Jupiter is in Taurus right now I must say It is a perfect time to reflect on what we have, how rich we are and how we should always be kind to one another.
Not that Jup in Taurus isn't over zealous in the end, you can at the very least, expect a nicely designed space with great taste in between that space:)

Cedarwood soap
Che~ Sed

I am using organic coconut oil and olive oil from Crete in this soap base.

juniper OG
one drop nutmeg co2
one drop ylang ylang
one drop cade
It smells so good out of the bottle and I can hardly wait to cut this and show you.

I am also thinking I should make something with the blues. Yarrow, Blue tansy, Blue Cham...

Thank you

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