Sunday, October 16, 2011

Blue Lotus Moon

It was an awesome group I had back when groups were cool in the 90's. The women who attended who so super fantastic and even though we had some drama brewing which made me shut it down so fast that people got mad at me we have kept in touch . That is how I want things still. Real honest women and men whom I have real honest friendships with.
A friend noted then that people seem to get upset when you leave. I know, but if something becomes toxic, what should I do but terminate the pain somehow? That is very Libra really.
We seem innocent and then bamm, you get cold steel between your eyes. We are not as out of control as one might like to fantasize. Seriously, we are more than the few minutes a day we chat with one another, more complex than a few superficial moments one might get to spend with us.
Ah, we Libras..get busy girl, forget all the glory, do it for the best reasons. Service and Joy in Life!

Take the Aries woman right about now, She is so super graceful under pressure that just having her near you brings more confidence and more practical life skills than one would ever imagine.

Scorpio, you are just fine, you know what you can do and have the intelligence to get there. It may mean that you have to change your schedule or adjust your habits.

Sagittarius, anytime I am with you I fall in love again with you and your kind. Not everything has to be a club though.

Leo, change you cologne and see what it attracts. I know having a loss is hard so just the release guilt and have some fun.

Virgo, you are not special enough to punish your self so often. Find something good to do that makes you happy.

Cancer,get some exercise honey:)Take a walk outside and breathe a little fresh air now and again.

Taurus, listen Jupiter is opening doors, you are an artist, everything is glorious!

Gemini, yes life is about changes and you are so awesome that I am in awe of your beauty right about now.

Aquarius, cool , cool, water flowing reviving thoughts in to better ones, always striving for the highest. I love your style honey!

Capricorn, you know I haven't forgotten you. Can I say that you are stunning? Can I say that you are also hard working and discerning and smart and super funny?

Pisces, it is odd how I am surrounded by ya'll. Even if we never talk, it is as if you and I communicate through our minds. Time and space alters for our friendship. I bet others say that to you, others whom you have touched ever so easily and unforgettably.

have a wonderful Sunday, ya'll!

one ounce spring water
2 drops each
wild rose flower JOY
cherry blossom HAPPINESS
black eyed susan CARRYING OUT YOUR WILL
delphinium (larkspur)JOYOUS DUTY

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