Sunday, October 30, 2011

You Delicious Dog You

When I say delicious I mean in words and deeds and not necessarily looks, although I do like a clean man with his pockets inside his pants:)
he he

I made a rare beauty this morning. I blended something pretty awesome and certainly complex!
What happens I do not know but when I sit down and intend what will be with what I have right at this moment, something really cool comes out..really cool.
Or is it me? Am I so intoxicated by the oils that I loose sight of what people really want? Do I dream this stuff up and then decide how I will impress with the outcome? I want to please you and always intend that. As for me, I am simple, I like a little smoke, a little dirt of you will. That is why I am so attracted to vetiver. It is a Libra thing! We are not always as elegant as you might like us to be.

Here are the players:
vetiver5 ml
lime 30 ml
sandalwood 4 drops
oakmoss 5 ml
vanilla (melted in olive oil)5 ml
bergamot 10 ml
blood orange 10 ml
patchouli 4 drops
frankincense 4 drops
violet absolute 4 drops
cognac absolute 4 drops
juniper 4 drops
water phase: a pumpkin ale by Southern Tier Brewing Company, their motto, BEWITCHED AND BREWED WITH PAGAN SPIRIT (very cool)
make it your self with 13 ounces of organic coconut oil and 36 ounces fruity olive oil and call me in the morning. This batch is right now heating up rather beautifully and hopefully in the morning of the 31st, I shall cut and display for you.
joyfull you
thank you

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