Thursday, October 6, 2011

Magnolia Rose

Still not Facebooking and my imagination has begun to flourish again. Not that I wasn't creative before. There is something going on in my head and it has nothing to do with how many thumbs up I get from a fascinating link or thought I might have posted.
I will tell you this, I haven't been able to read a book in a long time as my attention span became reduced to no more than 3 minute articles on any given subject.
The internet is good for that. Even now, I put off more important tasks (general cleaning and tidying up) to share my thoughts with you. It is as if the life in this computer and you who share these short memoirs are connected by thought and transcend time and space and here we are. :)
Welcome and hello! Thank you and thank you again for being with me all these years. I have made friends that are worth their weight in Golden star dust as if being dense neutron stars themselves!

I made some soap to celebrate. I made some flower soap.
You must be thinking that I have lost it. Nope. Just clearing my palate and trying something new.
The recipe started out simply enough. Olive oil from Crete and organic coconut oil, cold pressed. I love that stuff. I use Navitas brand and sometimes another one when that one is not in stock. It is my favorite one. Creamy, cold pressed and again dense in its oiliness.
French white clay is next and the oils which speak for themselves like music or a cosmic collision of galaxies would at first swirl around one another and then join in incredible continuous elliptical galaxies. It happens all the time and it is happening now. It is grand!

magnolia oil
drops of cedar
ylang ylang complete
petitgrain mandarin
petitgrain sur fluer

thank you

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