Friday, October 28, 2011

4 Planets in Scorpio

and that is really the small stuff.
Investigate some of your stuff and try to get to the bottom of things as we approach the shadow of Mercury going retro in November. Money, will be necessary and so will (ha, will) attention to detail.
If you have anything that needs fixed, this is the time to tackle the situation..(The Situation!!)
All in all, we can honestly say that things are certainly moving along and it isn't because political yo yo says we are now poor or some crazy crap.
We are not poor, ok! You want poor, go light your fire for some hot water in rainy season, outside, in some shed which is also shared with the chickens. And you are standing there thinking to your self, "I wish I had a stove inside right about now, I would happily cook the food on it and I wish I had some food to cook beside black beans and rice. A piece of bread and some strawberry jam would be real nice and coffee out of a coffee maker instead of a bag contraption someone concocted"!
Now how did I get myself in this situation? (very long story) How am I going to get back out?
It takes a while to change your mental pictures. What do I know about it!
I do know this; I am the happiest that I have ever been in my life. I have everything I want. Good things are all around me,I receive with out guilt and give happily and generously!

"Get that guilt out of my face!"

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