Friday, October 14, 2011

dark matter

it is a web that hold our Universe together and it is very mysterious. It holds all the galaxies together and itself and supports all the matter with in it's magnetic energies.
I say we harness this vibe by understanding ourselves beyond the shackles of only the things that we can see. How about knowing that we are so so small.
How about looking at that invisible stuff and knowing that everything we do at this moment will effect the next one?
How do we harness this vibe?
What do I know? I read other successful people's opinions and make something mine out of it. I like Luise Hay, Mike Dooley, Yogananda, and myself and the god within me.
I would like to master the Flower Essence Repertory and learn more about Homeopathy and of course share it with you somehow.

According to Mike Dooley (leveraging the universe), it is about visualizing but meanwhile physically do an action that will lead to your goals. So as the planets support and twirl around one another and their suns in their galaxies, so do we magnetize objects and people based on what currents we send out.

I guess it is all about gratitude and in the end,happiness.

"I am a happy, rich, successful, soapmking momma who owns her own home"

I thought about this quote all night as I created a manifestation mantra for myself. This is what came of it this morning because all night I pondered and repeated certain words until all the words became comfortable to say in my head.

Make one for yourself and see what you want to say over and over..

My daughter is sick today so I will most likely make some amazing soap or a butter would be nice right about now....and as I look at the oils which would be nice I realize I have a goodly amount of og lime, og lemon, bergamot and blod orange.

coming up on eleneetha at etsy....

Lavender Body Frother ( yes there are those who want a lavender anything on their hand and body)

"Frother" as in the verb from Old English frĊfor

to comfort to feed, consolation, joy, refuge, compensation, help, benefit
to have good food, prosper, satiate, enjoy)

"Lemon Lime Frother" A Vegan Body Whip

Lemon Lime Seaweed Soap To go with the body butter..what do you like on your body after a bath?

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