Sunday, October 23, 2011

Neptune trines Libra

so that is why I have been having such crazy lucid dreams!
Mystic Medusa says best so go read her ideas about what planets in just our solar system effect us.
All I know is my body aches right now and I dream strange dreams every night.
Good thing I look good while doing it. ( kidding) A woman took my arm and said, "wow, that is so soft, what do you use on your arms and legs?"
I use a body oil and take sea buckthorn oil.
My favorite. I feel like my skin is less dry when taking omega 7.
New Chapter has a good one and so does a brand called Sibu..check it out, it might be just the thing for winter when you rarely get any sun on your face and I believe that its composition of caratenoids may offer a glow, or I might be imagining this.

Did you know that elements like gold, silver, uranium are born in stars and in particular the super massive ones? Our sun formed because a huge ball of "plasma" exploded and all the stuff just reformed with what was exploded. It is mind boggling really.
Our perfect medium sized sun isn't going to explode, it will slowly burn itself out out and basically turn in to a super hot diamond just simmering slowly for billions of years. But before that, it will have sucked us in for billions of years...Wow!

I wish that we will have settled our small differences here on Earth billions of years before that happens and we could live on a happy, garden planet again with technology of course:)but without corporations making our food with fish genes. Just sayin'!
Let's change the world with our pocketbooks and then we will see. Lets buy fresh, eat more beans and we can make this Earth be that special part of the diamond where war and klilling is not an issue and we all just love this place.
We should be more like the care bears:)

thank you I hope you have a wonderful day!


  1. I was wondering why I was suddenly having crazy dreams more frequently than usual!

  2. it is actually still happening to me. Sometimes my dreams freak me out a little up on waking and remembering. They say everyone in your dreams is you...