Thursday, June 7, 2012


If you do anything on line, you ought not miss Mystic Medusa's "Housewitchery"!
I can spend hours reading her ideas on herbs and their magical powers. I swear that woman flips me out sometimes with her amazing insight. How does that work? How can some people hone in on so much information?
I do not know. We all have that special something which makes us divine! Perhaps some get a little more sparkle, a bit of spice and a huge ability to understand from a compassionate nonjudgmental place.
That is why I love Mystic Medusa..
check out her site..
each article is worth billions in info..quadrillions even:)
here too!

Have a wonderful day and everything is going to go your way
that is because you've done good before
now The Universe has opened some awesome doors
new friends more money endlessly coming your way
saying, hey there you old whore
give me more and here is some money at your front floor

thank you thank you
for never ending boons

ok ok
I like to rhyme, is that weird to you?


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