Friday, June 15, 2012

what to ask for

and what to say

have you found yourself to be talking a little too much lately? Yesterday, I almost said too much. I always have a risk of that. Sag rising and that at this moment Jupiter in Gemini is all about gossip and here say. It is so fun, that the more diabolical ones would dare to go further. I am not diabolical, right?
I even found myself over thinking what, she said nauciousness instead of nausea..who am I and freeking scollar?
I make spelling errors all the time. Some even find this charming about me..who cares! (sometimes, I cringe and then go to the nest thing)
Ah Jup in my fifth house till later this year.. bringing me some good fortune, some learning and cheer.

Some dancing, why not?
Some telling a lot!
Being honest with forgiveness galore
always having money at your door
and yes don't forget that you are an old whore:)

have a glorious day~~~

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