Saturday, June 30, 2012

Tommy C and left field

Well, I can't say  that I am not shallow enough to comment on this. Ever since Dawson's Creek (which was the only show we could get in la Cioudadela, outside of Tillaran, CR), I have been intrigued by Katie Holmes)
She never quite melds with what the rest of them are doing..
I feel bad for Tom. He is still deep  in that religion and she seems to me anyway that she is concerned with real life and how that is going to pan out.

Here is why I don't follow religion:
none of it is real
the earth revolves around the sun the sun around its galactic center which spins around the Super giant black hole..
we are an organism which has evolved here and now during 4.5 billion years of time. from the first bacteria that formed here in the fiery molten rock for a few million years..( i guess it takes a long time to make a living being)

God is water God is thought God is works and God is cells collecting starlight to make
If higher beings live on a planet which is perfect..we haven't yet met them. But I bet that the very first stars from long ago are pretty interesting..
Time and space is still not understood
Creation is happening continually as new stars churn and blow up spreading stardust all over The Universe.

anyhow..look at how one thousand years before Jesus~ Mythra came from a virgin birth followed by becoming  a divine leader followed by a public execution followed by a three day re birth to heaven.
On our planet the awareness of god during that time was translated in to these myths all around Earth during 5000 years of time here.
You know, a thousand years is really nothing in the scope of time anyhow..
It isn't that I do not follow Jesus' sayings. But to have taken the divine teachings of truth, love, compassion and forgiveness..
and translate that in to hey lets hate on the non Jesus lovers and kill their asses because they do not believe in Jesus.

I am just saying that God~ he isn't jealous either..jealousy is a form of hate, why follow that??

"I am guiding my thoughts always like a chariot rider"

Religulous! Bill is hard to watch but dang it if I didn't watch most of it..

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