Tuesday, June 19, 2012

This Dark Moon

read Kim Falconer's newsletter on this new moon and go ahead and read:)



She says to set a fine intention towards something right now during this very auspicious time period. You get your lucky wishes on or bad ones if you should choose the dark side. Go into the light. You forgive easily and comfortably.

But back to me...
I intend to flourish in my soap making and spreading my seeds all over the world. I wish this; that it is always delightful and rich...for me and you:) thank you:)

"Hey you can get a gallon of coconut oil for 5 dollars.."
" I can't because it goes rancid, the organic coconut doesn't and at the end, the soaps still smell really pretty good. Some money isn't worth being saved.."

I intend to flourish at my glorious job and wield my creative abilities with ease and grace.
I am intending to flourish as a detached yet effective mum.
I love my home.
I love my awesome family..

Two of my children talking..ages 12 and 14...

"Where will you live when you're grown up?"
"What do you mean, I am staying with mom!"
They love me and they are comfy here, that is a wonderful blessing to me.

With The New Moon in Gemini we can take the opportunity, a three day window of power and by Wednesday night all this  having crecendoed in to boons and high regards.
Forgiving is easy. It actually makes my knees hurt less.....it is  our best thing that we hurt less.

Happiness and Joy
New Moon in Gemini~~~the dirty truth came out, it cut your inner sensibilities as if with a knife and now you have survived (again) having sorted through your fears and rigid wants..ohh, rigid!

Sun going in to Cancer~~~now we clean up a bit and fix the situation.

Jupiter in Gemini making it as if it a bit much, words, emotions having taken a new turn.
You can change, there is no try there is only do...(yoda)
In which house is Jupiter going to  visit you for a year?

Jupiter in the first- you colored your hair and gained a little flair

Jupiter in the second- money coming and money coming in

Jupiter in the third- the new connections, the drives, the friendships made

Jupiter in the fourth- moved, more space, all bright and cheery

Jupiter in the fifth- kids, gossip about family, friends, enjoyment, music, art

Jupiter in the sixth- health, work, the way you service others( not just in bed)

Jupiter in the seventh- a new awareness about the public, issues with your community and how they see you:)
of course you have you best foot forward..because right though is right action..always:)

Jupiter in the eighth- more money, settlements galore, deeper committed loving vibes

Jupiter in the ninth- study more

Jupiter in the tenth- be honest and forthright, love your mum and dad, hey...

Jupiter in the eleventh- a desire to lead by helping your community..know that there is a slippery slope here and you must always retain your true intentions~ the ones  you had in the beginning of your quest.
You can get lost in your causes and your compassion for the world while your loved ones get none.
Just saying. You are gonna have to choose.

Jupiter in the twelfth- best dreams, best alone time, best being held in, knowing that no one has power over you and you are always protected. Look at the darkness directly, you'll see, we are already in it and going about 66,000 mph whilst spinning and twirling through all the  darkness..
*i do not know the exact speed we travel through space..it is really fast though!

Earth is moving around the sun.The sun is moving within the Galaxy.The sun is revolving around the galactic center.The galaxy is moving within the local group.The local group is moving toward the Virgo Supercluster.The Virgo supercluster is moving through the universe.The universe is expanding.

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