Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Listen libra

You don't have to stress out but do not tell me you weren't super capable of freeking out a little over the smallest thing.
OK, when you realize you really have no control about any of this anyhow and then you mirror something which of course makes you feel super uncomfortable about yourself.
As you watch all the fast action before you in the next few months, you will find new ways in which to be detached.
Forge a space for yourself where you will be at peace and where you will think of yourself in a whole new way (again!)
Really, work and learning are what you should use time for. And think about your zen garden which has been formulating for ten thousand years, think about your earth oven. Let all the turmoil pass before you like a river flowing.
I am the Bubble of Water, God is the Ocean..
Maybe water is God..oye and then we throw our poop in it..dude!
Now my stomach hurts again!:)

                           The Earth is Our Mother
 The earth is our mother, we must take care of her
The earth is our mother, we must take care of her
Hey yunga, ho yunga, hey yung, yung
Hey yunga, ho yunga, hey yung, yung
(Her sacred ground we walk upon,with every step we take)
 (The sky is our father, we must take care of him)
 (His sacred air we breathe it in, with every breath we take)

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