Monday, June 18, 2012

Dark Moon

Monday and a long dark Moon in Gemini.
Or should I say Gem?
You are a gem and people love you.
If you need to walk away right now, just move on. We are not made to suffer or beat ourselves up over mundane crap.
It is worldly and not important in the whole scheme of things.
The "scheme" is the wide array of plans you have formulated in the last billion or so years.
Yes, I say billions. You are not your age.
Our life giving Sun is the daughter of another mother star which blew up and again formulated our exhistance out of gas and dust..
You are gonna worry about a few piles of clothing and a stain on a carpet when all that glory is right now upon you? ( the carpet stain is code for the yucky stuff we endure)
No way Jose honey!
You are going to think and prosper and learn and give way for someone,  a person who is really your brother or sister.
You are already everything!
Deep breath now..
thank you thank you thank you~~~~

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