Monday, June 4, 2012

astro too

OK so because things can go in any crazy way let me tell you that they already have..
I mean the full moon, the squares and all the craziness that propel us to feel pain, suffer emotionally and restructure our lives, is going to happen. how you handle things is what makes you who you are.
thoughts do become things..
Your cells in your body are alive and working in any magnetic force you direct them to work..
your thoughts create every experience.
Now let me continue with my astro rant for anyone who will listen.
be careful with your words now. everything you say will be noted and you may have hurt someone's feelings. yes there are others around you who have strong feelings now and you can help by doing what you do best. Giving comfort and have a wonderful heart.

Sagittarius; get your groove back and do not worry about this group or that group. Do your best and everything else will fall into place. You are outstanding!

Isn't nice that you are not embroiled in any super intense situation right now?
Great time to prepare for your next steady but successful endeavor.
Read some good books and be awesome!

thank you all for your contribution to my wonderful internet life:)

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