Sunday, June 17, 2012

amber soap

It is so rich that you can smell it about 40 feet before you get to it.
I wonder if anyone will like it?
It reminds me of some of those Indian oils, like Kumba  Made and what was that other one that had an orange blossom something something?
I would, back in the 70's, drive to Ann Arbor just to smell some oils from India in my  favorite shops there. I still shop at Orchid Lane on Liberty Street to this day!
Now I see the difference between synthetic and natural but did you know that some  people do not like essential oils at first whiff?
Well, how are they gonna know when everything smells like mango or fake coconut or raspberry ketones?
They are not. They are willing to consume synthetic fake ketones for loosing fat! rather that actually love real foods and real smells because that is what they grew up with.
And here I am having made a somewhat synthetic soap......knowing all this:)
Just so you know, some of the resins and waxes in the amber paste I used are real. It is just that this paste has withstood 20 years in a vessel and has still retained its incredible perfume..whoa:)
have a wonderful day
honor your father
remember he was a boy once
with dreams, ethics
and a penis


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