Saturday, June 23, 2012

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The Empress prevails as she sets her sights on The Eight of pentacles and planting her seeds across The Universe and also on the earthly plane. It is all about getting it done today and focusing on the task with grace, the empress again) and diligence (eight of pentacles)..The upside down King of Pentacles is like dude, what about me, my ego or a certain serious side effect of your laziness and scattered thought patterns...

The Empress is Don Quai ( what else)
don quai is about juiciness, plump breasts and lips, richness surrounding..attracting love and other goodnessess...
The Eight Of pentacles  is always about accepting conclusions as if you are a planter of seeds.  You know you have skills with this card, whether is is  seeds of ideas and words or actually gardening. Most seeds that you plant come up and thrive, others you accidentally swipe with your hoe and yes, you get  sad and shake your head sometimes..but mostly you take care of the rest of the garden a little better now..
Ginger is about warming the heart, and providing components which expel toxins with regards to liver and heart really..
Lastly, we have The King Of Pentacles:)
This guy is upside down because there are still some loose ends with regards to a break up, mistake, the law and other mundane worldly fellows.
Who knows!
I am keeping my eyes open though..what if it is your inner ego and comes out  as fear or insecurity? With alfalfa involved here I would think it is bone related. Teeth and skin too as this herb is high in calcium and other trace elements which help the bones and teeth.

Have a wonderful day and bring some good thoughts my way,
I'll send them right back because each time they grow more fat and they are enough for everyone..and as you already know,
"everyone has their day in the sun and that is why you glow"



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