Sunday, June 24, 2012

the upside down emperor

is about leaving your comfort zone and maybe having a lot to do in  shorter time than usual??
That is how it is  though.
Like yesterday at work, I couldn't get anything finished, it seemed.

I don't have to touch returns any la la lal laaa new girl is gonna do it...she is cute and fun to boot it...huh huh huh...
:)so I am helping this girl learn the process for hours..and then I was alone for an hour and people needing advice on good stuff for once..
Listen I get tired of Dr ozerator, ozzy...Now he wants to give people glucose for their sugar.. I am like, why not use just plain cane syrup? 
So it was nice to have intelligent questions but for a second there, I had the potential of freeking out a little..(Gemini energy for sure, finally in all the Gemini Jupiter honesty I could muster up, I said,  "well, I need to get some work done now, thanks for stopping by"))
Wow..that is so weird to say what is on my mind. I am so intense inside..a little is all good!
I breath in deeply and do what I must gracefully...
Have a good one:)

I cant hardly wait to make soap later. I am scheming something really cool. Maybe it'll be good!

shredded frankincense rose soap
melted in herbal tinctures of red clover, fig wort, mugwort, wormwood, larch resin, cedar resin, grape brandy
 add essential oils
frankincense, myrrh


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