Sunday, June 3, 2012

astro thoughts part one

Aquarius, I know you know what to do;
do not make your friends and social engagements more important than forgiving and dealing with the truth..
just sayin' babe..
you haven't exactly been there for the people who have been funding your PC gatherings and fire dancing.

Gemini, you can grow and flourish in many areas, but this is a time of focusing on family and your inner angels showing you that kindness is more important than money.

Libra, dude, all you have to do is watch it all  like a dirty little movie where the ghost suddenly comes in the room and you feel the cold and this energy tries to pull at your heart and suck out the joy, but you know you are stronger than any ghost!
Burn the thoughts of your past pains and move freely through time.

Aries, you can get more out of life if you now move on from a draining situation. Your generosity always pays off and right now is no exception. You should get some money, again! How do you do it?

Leo, sweetheart, Everyone loves you and you do such a good job.

Virgo, listen don't be so concerned about the next life, and miss out on this one. All I am saying is enjoying this life makes the next one all that much better.

Scorpio, you are going to change for the better in every way this year...or...suffer more.
You seem to outgrowing a pattern and having to focus on serious ownership issues. Be willing to listen to others.
Capricorn too. Changing your habbits is going to be your middle name. You are humble, want the best things and you are willing to do the work.
You are burning like a silver flame while old ways crumble before you..

Pisces, all I see is an ellegant person who is there when you need something huge.
Who has the ponzy? Pisces!
*ponzy-a secret stash of money**
Who has bread and cheese and some tea? Pisces!
*bread and cheese- as all  tasty food treats**

thank you

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