Thursday, February 16, 2017

hello from wonderwinter land

It is cold and snowing of course because it is still winter. There is hope and the season comes which will be awesome spring time..for now we wait. We must.

Wait for what?
 It could be a development you have been working on for years now..four years now..ha
Yes you have. You dove deeply, learned, became more detached about outcomes and you thrived to this point. You have survived and it looks good on you. You hung out with people smarter than you, you read books, you made good food and delicious skin care..I say baby, what else is there?
A Springtime Fougere'?

Wait for what?
Well, sometimes when there is all out war among the masses who can't decide between hating the king or drinking gallons of black seed oil because it cures cancer brings your long lost love back, gives you 27 thousand dollars in your pocket, in the seed oil business's bank account like every 30 seconds for about 4 months or so..we will see how long this lasts and it is not really my point..that is..all because why? Some dumb ass started spewing miracles and they all love it..the miracle, the cure, the revelation which always turns out to be nothing biggie and they still have to work for their lives and things are still what they are because of each thought and each effort.

Believe me, some people kiss the dirt right now. They are down and crying. Guess what, the strong survive and the ones who spend too much time crying, are not making and doing and working and singing, and talking and breaking it down. Everyone will have get up and change, they have to change or they end up like Pete (the dick who beat his wife) on the walking dead, their face shot up and nothing left..(it is a metaphor for a hateful face in this sense)
I see it all day. Smile in to yourself and it will show outwards.
I find that singing is helpful.

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