Friday, February 10, 2017

weekend boons full moon ideas

Full moon and everyone has a little melt down before they go and do what they have to do. Isn't it?

always content to love what you have
and I much!

Full Moon ideas...
Thea, who is a little older than me and doing errands all day in her business which taking care of rentals houses her husband left her with before he died. Her mother is in bed all day because she is old and cannot walk..oye.. I think amazon delivery for that family would keep them happy but as Thea does not "text" or go on line, I do not think it will get to that. I feel for her because her husband used to take care of the details for her. He was so nice to me...but we all die..we all die, stars die and flowers die and simply leave a small waft molecules behind...

**each cell in your body is an extremely complicated machine. We are made of trillions of tiny robots. Not a single one of them knows who you are or cares.

 motor protiens

More on the full moon ideas with my observations..

Roger who has been on the video games too long and now must get up and actually earn..

"You have to earn what you take.."
"we earned what we took..ha ha ha ha"
walking dead

You may have noted I put the best thing last, in my little poem in the beginning..the part about always loving what you have instead of loving to want what you can't have..not even ever..think of future self for gosh sake.
All of your agony at this moment is because of too much and not enough. Just like the Earth is about to shake things up with its magnetic switch over, so you must turn yourself around and look at what is real and how you can now look at new ways to live by.
All your happiness is from just each wretched moment being wonderful perhaps  even unexpected boons. Mostly it is doing for future self..

It is tax time. Money boons! I will buy a table. I need one that does not wobble and does not look like I bought in the Wards catalog..brawwrrrr lol
I should like real wood
oak would be nice
I am looking..every good thing takes time. My perfect table is waiting for me.

Yes the full moon.

It is really about doing more..

doing different, doing new and maybe even innovative.

It means weeding out I am afraid.
Exposing to one's higher self what he she we me you  and I are worth to ourselves at this moment.

How much you have and are willing to share with others

doing for others and not just talking

I wonder :)

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