Thursday, February 2, 2017

an ounce of sandalwood

It is a whole lot to spend on one oil but as I am in love with sandalwood and feel it has healing benefits to my heart and soul, I bought an ounce from white lotus. It is my go to many mornings before work. People love me more when I wear sandalwood. I do not know how they could love me more but they do. (joking)
I am actually trying to be more detached and yet I am also trying to engage in such a way that a conversation can happen.

I love a nice Indian Sandal..spicy, warm, inviting..
You know, you can dab it on and it will radiate as it wants to. It is so elegant. Not all of them are elegant. So far the Australians for me,  are not producing what I love in that wood. Depends!
 I smelled a nice Aussie sandalwood on a gal who wears rose a lot. It works on her. It is so personal isn't it? Aromatherapy is personal because you will study and wear oils you love and that can help you.
 I think all the mineral components and energy from all those mountains still growing and churning have something to do with potency and rarity in an oil. I choose Indian sandalwood all the way and then again, some hybrids like Hawaiian sandalwood have been stunning. They are all different. All of them.
This leads me to make a nice beard oil for my many lovely ones, with beards now.

For boys and girls

a little bit lemon verbena

You have to infuse the ambergris crystals with the oil before you begin to work with it. I would say use og jojoba and make the commitment to make the potion. It is a commitment and that is where all your intentions come from. the actual pocket book and the philosophical one too.

for girls and boys


Have a wonderful sunny day and may the sun shine brightly in your home..:) Happy February 2nd! Happy Imbolc! It is the real valentines day!

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