Wednesday, February 15, 2017

am i blue

yes I am blue with rich abundant always honest thoughts
am I blue over you
you  you you
yes, because you ripped my heart open and left it there after you saw it was not white enough
yes, because you didn't turn out to be the man I dreamed you were as I lied to myself to support the bigger lies
as I cried to my self as I watched you wither in to a shell of a scholar or a :)nything worthy of a respectful holler
am I blue over the failed experiments that left me bereft for loosing hundreds of dollars of oils
am I blue over that so much..
I should be
not as much though

am I blue over your unkind words when I wasn't there to defend myself
a little because the lie was that you are more important for that moment

am I blue ho ho ho ho
Am I blue that earth is ragged with chemical bombs so fat men can talk on the phone and hold their balls..
it is a thing to make on ponder on what is important

Am I blue then?

I am happy
I am free
no restraints to cause me worry of persecution
'or hate
no restraints
none to be had
what should i do now but be super glad

I am free to say and do the right thing
my thing that is right
What should it be this time? Am I to dream of it tonight?
I may already have and like a light wave it takes a while to come to me in a real setting, come totally to light..

I will make it so. I always begin with new moon and and imbog for the year because I still respect all the sacred times our star enlightens us, feeds us, makes us grow,, makes plasma which is everything we are..I love when he peeks out of the horizon and stays there like my star to be always depended on to be brightly making me happen..
Am I blue?
Only because
tanzy and yarrow and the chamo blue..oh yea....

blue heaven gelee'

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