Wednesday, February 1, 2017

good morning :) coming out of a powerful new moon

We are changing right now. We are looking at new ways to do things. We have a nice life. We have enough money. Things? Yea?? We sure do. I am looking at all sorts of things I like and I do not have to leave my house and drive..which.. I have to drive ann arbor and then work. We are out of paper and we need good ones..I am so excited. I can't order paper on line because I have to touch each one for the month of it short stay in my work shop.
I am very happy.
Before that I will be making more soap  to celebrate imbolg. I wish we could have a blue soap but that would have taken planning and more money. The blues are not cheap.That is why I offer the oil with all the blues in it. Yarrow, tansy and blue cham.mmm.. So stunning and so freshly prepared for you and me. It is art and it is gourmet..soap gourmet.ha ha
food and soap fits. I am well aways of certain formulas in cooking and how the fat is a big part of humans health. Fats can help you live. Do not be afraid..luckily  my soaps are vegetable based..
soap though.  aromatherapy, notes..mmmm
It is a spell. It is. It is magic well thought out and planned for a final product which breathes a life of its own and even when composed remotely okay, it is  so beautiful and each inhale of scent is met with an experience. In some cases loud and in other cases even more profound. what is this place that can carry secret molecules through the air?
It was like that when I conjured that hops soap from my scorpio friend..I was driven to make with with spikenard and then I was high for three days on spikenard's potent drug like effects. I thought that I had made a was so dirty fukin' dirty..and then..I sold every hunk and no body hated it just needed its time to simmer down and be what it wants.
People who are okay with spikenard know what they want. I love this craft. I am so in to it for so many years that my hands know what is the right weight and the intent in them must show. It is all a circle even in us.

Today I am making more patchouli verbena soap and more THE OLD WHORE  with more oakmoss than ever before. I had a dream she likes it that way and she spoke to me as if it were sexual. She wants a little more labdanum too all of it really, she wants it and she will have the finest bergamot and  juicy orange on top..a little drop..she wants ambergris, she does, and if she had any real musk, just this once..:).well none here not even a drop. that is why jasmine and rose and  vetiver patchouli...
I want her to be happy. She has ideas and thoughts and wonderful learning and points of view that are well for lack..of a better word...discerning..

I watched a show called "cucumber on Hulu..I have to say, it is very I old?
**shock factor!!**
I can't wait for episode 7!
Russel T Davies, you broke my heart yet again!

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