Thursday, February 23, 2017

dragon's blood balm

2 ounces dragon's blood resin
2 ounces Yemeni frankincense
ground in mortar and pestle till smooth and powdered
pour in to bees wax and olive oil which you could make a balm with..
melt them all together till you get a syrup to the liquid state but once in air goes oily solid. that is perfect because you want that for a long time in hot water..let them day add,

choya loban
pine white
palo santo

red hot babe

hold hot for hours in hot water bath..

be free from restraints
be honest with yourself
don't believe your  own lies or others seemingly calm demeanor.
The red balm will be ready in a couple of days..I might even buy tins. I do not always like tins so I must calm down and brew my brew up..our brew.

I want the red hot smoke that comes from choya and dragon's blood. I want  the vetiver to linger on the skin having married with the incense and amber tones.


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