Wednesday, February 8, 2017

I love astrology

It is fun and I can make things fit like a puzzle even if it is after it happens, somehow it gives one a them and it is fun to make stories and say words. Some words touch someone now and again. I love the way it all fits really. That is why I love combining astrology and aromatherapy. It is a perfect way to create intent and follow up.
I am glad people love oils.
I think it is the wave of the next few years until we finish off every tree by not caring about what garbage we throw away to end up in the ocean. And everyone screams that it is not really true. we are not that dirty.
Yes we are!
Walk in the bath room with your glasses on and it is time to clean. I like it that way. I do not mind the soap smudges of which there are many.
My daughter likes the litsea soap I call patchouli is so sharp that one!

*oh before I forget..stop swallowing so much calcium through processed foods. Processed foods..see, they add a little limestone to keep everything dry in the mix and call it calcium carbonate..the fuks do!
Too many rocks in our diets maybe? Animals in the wild only lick those

As I was saying about astrology and how I really don't write much about planets and such. I like the energy right now even though the anger. I say do not let your secrets fester and bring them out , it weeds out the true friendships from the ones that want to moodily drag you down to their morals.
What is morality anyhow?
Have we not understood that peace is the best way in a home and a planet overall..have we not finally seen we govern our outcomes and that is what happens..burned out buildings and babies nowhere to go having been raised to think that women come second because of some dumb story of Eve??
(I know that is probably a run on sentence))

With all of this new fire energy from Aries planets, my intentions are to become more fit and flexible as I do get lazy and forget to do yoga..
My intentions are to keep cleaning up and getting rid of old stuff that will not serve me. I am going to simply make my sleep space clean and with out debris.
In soap I will explore scents which have always been a distant aim and now we are here..I have iris and sandalwood..I am intrigued by their beauty together.

10 drops sandalwood
3 drops orris root absolute
1 drop verbena
sharp herbaceous mellow nia nia nia so far

With sandalwood it always takes time and I am just delighted that I can experiment and be so free to expand my scent memories..I wish tho I could make the gnarly bitch again..wait??
I can..maybe today..

 Aries tho..Mars Venus and then farther out, Uranus
We must stick together and not allow injustice to children and mothers no matter what. That is my way by the way! I know this much, my mother rules our family like the queen. All of my kids worship her. She has Aries aspects, my mom.  She can get to the point faster than an asp!

Rose is coming today...rose is coming today..oh yea

I have organic cocoa butter and I have jojoba and I have the gnarly oils right here!

Aries energy..there you go..fresh, stunning, a little self aware, clean, horny.

I know it will not turn out like the one I made 20 years ago. man! Those times were so good and so bad at the same time. I feel like I am not that person anymore. Having devoted my whole life to religion and my culture and that guy and his/our Yogananda culture, and the Buddhist culture in Costa Rica.. I realized like Dorothy, there is no place like home, near friends and family.

"you're a nigger loving whore if you're raised in Detroit and you were raised in Detroit so you are a nigger loving whore!"
"you are wrong, I do not see colors like you. Having been raised in Detroit where we all have learned to live together"

(that was a real conversation, by the way, and hence The Old Whore Soap))

The Old Whore
There is so much to write about her. She has mountains of stories of how she treated people, how she has been treated, her devotions, her deeply abiding needs to please and be happy, her dark addictions having been shed now..
Her abundant tears of sadness and joys and bitterness? Well, of course, bones are bitter and they carry all the burdens..that is why she remains light on her feet. :)

Such a harsh word "bitterness"..listen do not let anyone accuse you of being bitter when you point out flaws in their logic..that is changing history to support the lie. Remind them fast so they know. Otherwise they will not know.
I love you!
I have to work and make stuff..have a good day..
*secrets are poison
*secret wishes for goodness and joy and lovely green earth with clean water..yea!

I am getting a new knife today too..I mean really I could burst!

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