Tuesday, February 7, 2017

mars in aries and everyone wants to fight

We all  should always take this time to think more than act and don't think your secret habits will not catch up with you..
Also if you are a soap maker and smoke cigarettes, I will not use your soap. That stuff gets everywhere from your finger tips.

Habits! Time to stop doing stuff that hurts future self okay! This aspect in astrology has always brought wars and strife and because we will have some kind of Uranus connection here right quick, there is a violent note, tone. )) and they say astrology does not work..magnets work and two planets together bring forces..so I am looking at the mythology..what??:)

Refugees nowhere to go. Some of them are crazy like all humans.

Refugees..immigrants, aliens..
They are from everywhere..like they always were. Every mass migration has been made because of weather and food and safety. when you look at it from a large scale it is so clear. The Native Americans came over an ice bridge yearning for a warmer place. You get like that if only a little bit and you need sunshine so badly if for a season. try 40 thousand years in coldness.
By the way you america first folk, really? Your parents and your ancestors and further back suffered and died so you can have a big sign and support some organized thing.
I choose the humanists all the way.
They do not kill because it is smart not to.
We rely on education not fear and fairy tales and some made up story from flat earth thinkers,  of Jesus and how he  died for us. He did die. You are going to die..or the other guys..not just Jesus..do you really think there are spirits waiting to torture you? In my opinion though..I say no, I say it seems that way because your cells have a memory somehow..
 Maybe it is because your "being has done this for so long, having been made born lived somehow and died fast when a nearby star violently exploded over and over and final here you are and you think now this is the only way it can be and bammmm, you fuking melt once again it to the fire when our sun dilates a million times and burns everything and absorbs it once again..oh man..

I get worked up about it because it is so profound that the ingrained fear lingers so powerfully in all of us. It is something to which once recognized, changes you forever.

Humanists are willing to change their mind based on evidence now and not 2 to 4 thousand years ago when it was okay to think that herbs were witchery and men spoke to god directly and he said..blah blah bla..
Guess what, if he was so pissed about making us and the way we turned out and if he was so powerful to have made both good and evil, why wouldn't he make everyone disappear instead of drowning all humanity in spite..wtf? Lord?

I have to go..I would rant more :))

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