Wednesday, February 15, 2017

your skin care

I know you know this but I thought I would talk about it for a few minutes.
I am not a salon asthetician and what ever that means but skin care is simple and should always be clean and not some drug store lie to bring swarms of crazy people who want the fairy tale.
I was once drawn to those things myself.
Clerins was a favorite with this green toner that burned my skin so bad I thought it was working. I loved it when Clinique had a special and I got the bar of soap as a gift and that toner burned my skin.
They all have names like they are super advanced science and then you read the ingredients and it is bad stuff all  in there. Bad as in synthetic and poly- somethingated.:)

I do know that it should be simple and we should be using real ingredients at least most of the time.
What you do to your face now makes a difference tomorrow.

Face Scrub Mix - Dry

2 tablespoons clay of your choice
1 teaspoon rice flour, quinoa flower, oat flour or garbanzo flour..I like garbanzo..
(3 to 10 drops essential oils)
5 drops lavender
1 drop bergamot
4 drops frankincense

add enough water, vinegar or oil to make a paste..
It is awesome and works great on any skin type

Personally I find that toners are not for me as I get older but a little bit apple cider vinegar toner is nice.
You can scald the vinegar and add your oils and equal parts water.
For toner I go /50/50 water to apple cider vinegar..mmmm it is cooling, and revives the skin after a good scrubbing.

Have a great day and wash up!
Do you need soap? LOL

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