Saturday, February 11, 2017

asteria the mother of hecate

Every one had a mother who molded them and has to have the comfortable power of earning that.
 Not every one is equal see? Some mothers are  wack, I get it, the club or facebook is more important than family. Some in their almost sixties, no one is home because  their family, their beloved dog died..I mean things happen all the time.
We all get to  make a life that is  important in its own reign..sort of if you want to go philosophical as I always do enjoy that.  it is a  time to rest and be chill..Like, hey, look how nice..:) course I will not look like that all is a metaphor see? :)
I feel like I will be her today, Asteria and all through my mistakes and flaws because you know why? Because I work my ass off...

Asteria Mother of Hecate

I have been working on a blue oil for months in my mind and then when I finally compose an oil, it is not as simple as oh, I have the oils and now I will make cleanser in five minutes. It is complaix. Just know, there is a lot of water boiling and wiping down. and the clean glass in hot double boiler and the waiting as all beeswax reacts in its its own way as I have recently found out that the bees wax from Barry is more dense and keeps giving bits of honey until the last of it which I cannot see an end  to.

I am at this point pretty excited about my work with oils. It really has been many years in a love affair that has never disappointed me.
My blue oil is so good. I have to say it is the tansy that makes it that way and the feeling like all the blue azuline is in there doing good and not some color of fake blue.
.blue heaven gelee

I ordered a few blue oils to make a small batch of blue soap. I think along with my (asteria) blue heaven serum as a set. That does sounds nice, I hope that I can pull it off.

The mother of Mary is revered in Orthodoxy  as many other mothers of famous women in religion..all 3 or four of them..raweraaaarrr lol

Art by Emily Balivet

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