Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The last week or so and the ten of swords

In astrology today, The Sun is in Scorpio and we have a Mercury and Venus both in Scorpio too. The new moon was in Sagittarius a and now, having have moved on to Capricorn.
The Sun, our star is in an "active magnetic phase" and let me tell you when all those super small neutrinos go through you and cause sparks, you are gonna feel it somehow.
If neutrinos can pass through you, billions of them undetected per second all day,I wonder what is actually happening here?
Are we magnetized as well? Of course we are. Each one of us (and we are tiny) gravitating towards one another without detection, quietly ( but not) colliding and breaking off like spheres in the heavens smash into one another and create a new combinations of elements, new spheres. Them neutrinos!

What does the ten of swords have to do with it?
I don't know about you but when I get that one I feel scared a little. I always think, now what is that gonna bring? Or well, shit there! Or my most infamous, it won't be me..naw, I can handle whatever..
Three days ago, the card came up. I thought now what could be that devastating?
I can handle it. It is not about me, all the while knowing something was up because every cell in my body has been exploding with intense energy and clear headed thinking. I went to Zerbo's, my favorite store ever, and I bought saguaro flower essence (it has been calling me for weeks now), pomegranate and painted dessert flower essences.
After I took them, I sat down and tried to manage my intentions and wondered why this obstruction with my house..why? That was the second Brandon, my real estate person called giving me, yet again, more disappointing news about my house and how there is yet another hurdle and more waiting. We have been closing since August and talking since April for heavens sake!
They like to string you along and say things from a script because they never read any real books or have any real dialog. I am pretty sure they are Republicans which becomes militant after that. "well the lawyers and the other lawyers and..blah, blah..
I said to the real estate guy, I said, "Brandon why do you keep telling me the same reason why we can't buy this house?" Do your job, dude. Fix the title work.
I caught them in a lie and that was my ten of swords experience.
I get broken hearted by strangers!
My friend Miss Tonie, said, "well, you have had a broken heart before."
It is true and by people who were thought to have loved me! Ha! :)

2 drops*Saguaro brings energies to the surface ( think, the sun's flares)having to know and trust your inner wisdom

2 drops *Indian Paint Brush
a reminder to take time out and be still in silence.
"In deep stillness you will find my presence"

2 drops * Pomegranate
to know that your inner wisdom and beauty are there during the seemingly darkest moments of your life and your connection with "the nature of things" and your feminine energy is always there.
"express your passion for life and living"
"I nurture my emotions and embrace my creative nature, from which I attract an abundant flow of resources"
(from the sweet little book, Voices Of Flowers, by, Rhonda Pallas Downey)

Thank you~

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