Thursday, December 29, 2011

aster faster

the first flower I picked up was Aster for Illumination.
When you feel like the whole world is on some stupid strange freeking road to selfishness, what else would you choose?

Money money is good but if you is the point and lie to get your way, then that is what you are going to get.
These are a just a few things I conjure up while sleeping. It is like I know you are lying to me and I can see you from 10 feet higher
So yes, illumination.

2 drops wild desert rose for opening my heart and forgiving more, allowing success to fall at my feet on the floor:)

Madia Flower essence for precision and focus
(here is what the flower repertory says;
positive qualities:
Precise thinking, disciplined focus and concentration.
Patterns of imbalance:
Becoming easily distracted, inability to concentrate, dull or listless.
The healthy soul needs to learn to contract as well as expand - it must be able to narrow the consciousness, and limit the experience. One who can do this is able to focus and direct energy in a very clear and productive manner.

Indian paintbrush for the constant creativity and ideas which flourish in my mind and project to the world through my hands..:)
sunflower for one who chases starlight all day, who turns her head and looks at our star all day...

And is where is Mars right now in my chart I have to ask?
Mars in Virgo till Summer 2012!
All I am saying is look and see where this planet resides and visits in your chart and you will find some stuff stirring up.
If I look at my natal chart, Virgo is my 8th house of sex money and other peoples money, digestion, little viruses that creep in.
I got "crop dusted" by a perfume wearing muggle! I mean really, I could smell her on me an hour after she left! I had to go home and lie down for a bit because she poisoned me with her disgusting fake whole bottle of poison she poured on her self.
I kept backing away and she kept talking about vitamins for her kids. Poor things already being slightly confused from all the per~fumes on their mamma.
It isn't just me. My daughter has to take a shower upon returning from visiting friends and washes all the stench from the perfumed sheets and towels and detergent odor on their clothing.
I use an Eco brand laundry soap. I want to smell vetiver not freeking Tide! Dang man!

Mars transiting the 8th makes you very sexy and alluring. You are like a sapphire ball of light almost black in the middle...and the farther out one looks, the colors seem endless glowing gold and silver, remnants from a super nova having gloriously created these elements in its death throws only for you...

If I look at Mars being in my solar 12th, I get a completely different picture.
One more intriguing. Many people getting sick, myself as well tackling some sort of winter Michigan cold that blew me away here a while ago.
There is a shift from almost plodding to now walking more briskly forward..Plus,if the planet makes any sort of connection to natal Mars, then you have a person who may not even have one moment to spare..
Stop and spare a moment for your self and don't be sorry!

Which soap are you using now? I am bathing with the ylang ylang clove coffee soap I made a while back. It is a nice bar I must say. I waited a long time before using it and I am glad I didn't let all of that batch slip away before enjoying a well cured bar for myself.
My friend Miss Lindenglitter, loves it and said it smells of carnation.
Ylang ylang is funny, too much and your stomach turns a or two drops and you have a sweetness that is quite unique and feels good in your nose.
I would love to get my hands on something new pretty soon. I want the yarrow, I know that and I deeply crave the chamomiles as they remind me of my childhood. I might buy some zdravets next year and a couple of different resins.
I want some frankincense which is real incense~y and some vetiver which is real smokey mixed with the smooth Hatian.
I have added a beautiful smokey vetiver to the old whore soap. Her rich aura of scent lingers on you a little more. Plus she is for anyone. She is good for your skin too. Yes she is...

Thank you:)

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