Thursday, December 8, 2011

the way things are in December

I woke up at 4 in the morning while the moon was blaring down reflective light upon my bed where I was tucked under my three down blankets..(my room is cold). I made a wish. You should too. Bring things in to the open in your own mind and then you can share them with one person. Hopefully the right person and release those sad insecurities to the Universe, saying, "I am worthy of all my good and accept myself and my gifts joyously"
My emotions are high right now. I can feel injustice in the air. I can see peoples shallow expressions and think to myself, "what am I doing with this lot?"
That is my Capricorn Moon, Saturn transiting my Libra Sun and Pluto being in the first house on top of my Moon right now I suppose.
We can linger on the wrong thing and loose sight of reality. I must be diligent and not too emotional. I get my feelings hurt all the time..and that is where holding ones head up gracefully applies to happiness and calm detachment.
Problem, I am not detached as a whole. Having three planets in Scorpio..yea, I am a little intense and gritty at times even.
The other day I got in trouble at my job for saying "hell". I was just messin' and said "what the hell dude?"
Yuppers, I was that person..I said I was, But really, what the hell dude?
My wish? The one whilst the moon was shining it's glorious light upon me, was,
"Thank you for my new home"

Let me tell you about my new butter slash face healer. You can use it all over as I do. It is loaded with super seed oils which will soak in and provide nutrients right to the source and not waste a moment.

Super Fine Shea Butter Cream
date nut oil
ootanga oil
sea buckthorn oil
yangu oil
marula oil
argan oil
kukui nut oil
carrot seed oil
baobab oil
shea butter to hold the all together
These oils are suspended by the shea butter and not a simple additions. No, The oils are woven throughout the thick shea in such a way that you get 50/50 shea to oils ratio.
I am not messing around when it comes to the healing essential oils within this cream.
rose otto (of which I only have a few drops left~I used it all like a pig:)
Roman chamomile
calendulla oil
and one drop yarrow for golden light energy to flow upon you:)
I hope you get one and thank me in the morning!
thank you

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